Up And Over "Never"

This past Monday morning, the first order of business at Grace Church was to lift an electrical pole over the church and into the courtyard. Doesn't everyone's week begin with such activity?! The reason for this action was the dilapidation of an old pole in the courtyard. When the Board of Trustees found out that a replacement was necessary, we also found out about an obstacle. Our playground and its new shade were in a position that no piece of machinery could drive in and carry the new pole to its home. The Board weighed its options and decided to take this approach of literally lifting the pole over the roof of the sanctuary and dropping it into a freshly-dug hole in the courtyard.

Now it's time for a confession on my part. When this idea was first proposed, I thought to myself, "That will never work."

We've heard the old adage, "Never say never," but as I reflect on this past Monday, I'd like to propose a new view of the word, "never." God must love the word, "never." When we declare "never," we are asserting an impossibility on our part. But that's also an assertion of possibility on God's part. We give up control, and God takes control. We step aside and let God be God.

As the above photo illustrates, my "never" was defeated. The pole was successfully lifted, lowered, and secured into its new home.

The same is true in our relationship with God. We try to limit God in the confines of what we understand. But God's power is greater than we can imagine. He's got "equipment" and "power" that transform our impossible to God's possible. The next time you find yourself saying, "never," watch out. You might see a light pole dangling over your heard in the near future.

grace, peace, love, and all good stuff to each of you,
Pastor Darian