God's Favorites

Over the Rhine has been a favorite band of mine for years. Their lyrics abound with theology even though they are not categorized as a "Christian" band. So it came as no surprise to me when I visited the website of onBeing and discovered that a Presbyterian clergywoman had shared a reflection on one of their songs, "All My Favorite People." Even though the song was written by a human being about other human beings, I couldn't help but hear the words as if they came from God's heart:

All my favorite people are broken
Believe me. My heart should know.
Awful believers, skeptical dreamers, you're welcome.
Yeah, you're safe right here.
You don't have to go.

For all my favorite people are broken.
Believe me. I should know.
Some prayers are better left unspoken.
Just let me hold you and let the rest go.

Why think of God as one who has favorites among us? We are all God's favorites, each and every one, for all of us are broken. And God loves us IN our brokenness. As God Incarnate, Jesus Christ entered into our brokenness so that we could be held in the whole heart of God eternally. As you take time to watch this video, listen to the song, and embrace the lyrics, invite God to hold you just as you are--with your failures and successes, worries and joys, brokenness and wholeness. Take joy today in knowing that you are your Father's favorite, your Mother's favorite, your friend's favorite. For we are eternally favored through him who walks with us in the dirt and grime of life.

"part saint and part sinner" with each of you,
Pastor Darian

* Lyrics from www.lyricsmania.com