A Lenten Adventure

A few weeks ago, I made a mistake. Or, at least for a moment, it seemed like a mistake.

I had decided that for my Lenten discipline this year that I would take up "adventure." Normally, I don't tell many people what this discipline is, preferring to keep the commitment between God and me. However, this was by far the most unusual undertaking I'd attempted for Lent, and I was excited. My imagination ran to the prospects of incorporating camping, hiking, mountain biking, and simply being in God's creation into my schedule. I knew that I needed assistance to make some of these brainstorms a reality, so I shared the "Lenten Adventure" with some friends.

Here's where the seeming mistake comes in: the friends with whom I shared were a group of adventurous, outdoor-oriented, nature-loving guys who look for any excuse to enjoy creation. As soon as I spoke, I knew that there was no turning back. They would see to it that I had many adventures--and that they would come along with me for the ride. I thought to myself, "Uh oh. What have I done? Now I really do have to be adventurous!"

Shane Claiborne shares in an Ash Wednesday reflection about Lenten disciplines that push us out of our comfort zone:
"One of my friends who talks a lot decided to spend time in disciplined silence. Another friend of mine who is a hermit committed to get out a little more and be social. So there isn’t an anecdote, but there is an invitation – an excuse – to try something new."

Adventure is certainly new for me, and sharing Lent with friends is even newer. Yours may look very different from mine. But whatever we choose to do or not to do this Lenten season, let us push ourselves out of life's comfort zones and into the possibilities of being made "new creations." After all, the reason for this season is learning to die to self as a Nazarean did for us so many years ago.

grace, peace, love, and all good things to each of you,
Pastor Darian