A Yoga Pause

Dearly Beloved Friends,

I must confess that I gave up my blog-writing time this week for other matters. While I will not be able to write a typical "musing," I do want to offer you something brief and different.

As a Yahweh Yoga teacher, I begin each yoga class with a verse of Scripture as our theme. I read it out loud twice, with silence in between. Sometimes I offer a short reflection on the verse before we meditate on it. I'd like to share with you the verse and reflection from this morning. When you get to the verse of Scripture, I invite you to pause in silence for one minute after reading it. If you struggle with silence, set a timer for one minute, and try the best you can to remain with the Scripture......

When we think of the worries, cares, and burdens we carry, we sing about laying them down. We pray for God to take the burdens away from us. We try to put them at the foot of the cross.

Have you ever thought about God removing you from the burden?

Psalm 81 recounts in praise the way that God delivered Joseph from prison. Listen to how God relieves Joseph of his burden...

"I removed his shoulder from the burden...."
(Psalm 81:6, New King James Version)

Instead of God taking a load of off Joseph's shoulders, God lovingly cups his hand beneath the load and sets his child free.

Instead of lifting a weight off of us, sometimes God removes us from the weight instead of removing the weight from us.

What is the burden that you bring [to your yoga mat] today? Try not to fight it off, shake it off, or beg God to take it off. Invite God to tend to your shoulder instead of what weighs down your shoulder today.

"I removed his shoulder from the burden...."

Close your eyes. Breathe. Sit with these words. Meditate upon them as God lovingly speaks them to your heart.

"I removed his shoulder from the burden...."

Pause. Breathe. Soak in the knowing that you are loved.

"I removed his shoulder from the burden...."

Go in peace, and the peace of Christ go with you.

I look forward to writing with you next week for the last piece in the current series, "Why Not To Go To Church."

all good things to each of you,
Pastor Darian