The Gospel of .... Hallelujah

In the Scriptures, an exclamation point usually follows, "Hallelujah"-- in joy, celebration, praise.

In Leonard Cohen's song, "Hallelujah," the drawn-out syllables are more of a longing for praise.

In Cloverton's rewritten, Christmas' version of Cohn's "Hallelujah," longing gives way to exclamation.

Tonight we cross from Advent to Christmas,

From darkness to light,

From spirit to flesh.

Our cry of "Hallelujah" begins with one voice and one piano--

One cry from one stable--

And steadily grows with instruments, with passion, with voices.

No matter how busy we are today

In shopping, cooking, candle lighting, driving, talking....

Will you pause with me to listen for "Hallelujah?"

And will you risk joining your voice with the chorus of saints and angels

To sing, "Hallelujah?"

Followed by exclamation point, question mark, period, comma, or ellipsis,

Your "Hallelujah" matters

Because you matter

To the one worthy of every "Hallelujah."

Merry Christmas, dear friends....

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