The Radical Recklessness of God's Love

There is no shortage of songs about God's love in hymnody, praise and worship, and gospel music. Over the past year, one in particular has made its way to the top of the Christian charts and to the center of song sets at contemporary worship services.  "Reckless Love," written and originally recorded by Cory Asbury, comes from Bethel Music in Redding, California.

How wonderful it would be if we could stop there in celebration of people experiencing God's love through diversity of music. Yet all these years after the apostle John wrote his "love of God" letters, disharmony still plagues the Church from within.

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Why I Sing "Awesome God"

Last week my mom and I stayed up late one night to talk about words that have lost their meaning. The English major in me lamented the overuse (and increasing misuse) of the word, "literally." Mom mourned the familiarity of the word "awesome."

Of course, we couldn't have a conversation about the word, "awesome," without talking about Rich Mullins' song.

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