Unplug to Plug In

In a few hours, the National Day of Unplugging will begin as the sun sets. Five years have passed since I discovered this "holiday," and I've watched its popularity increase with each annual unplugging. The more time we spend in front of screens, the more drawn we are to stepping away from those screens. The National Day of Unplugging has become a motivation for people around the world to reconnect face-to-face instead of live on Facebook.

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How many times have we found ourselves giving advice in conversations, not because our companions ask for our input but because we can't resist sharing what we "know"? Sometimes our friends and family want and request our opinions, and other times we find ourselves slipping into the power of suggestion without an invitation.

 How about this idea?

Have you ever tried that?

What if you...?

There's an app for that.

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