What Not To Call This Clergywoman (Remastered)

In August of 2015 I wrote a blog post entitled, "What Not To Call This Clergywoman,"  a (hopefully) humorous reflection on how I respond to the common questions, "What am I supposed to call you?"

My answer to that question has evolved over the years. What has not evolved is the opportunity to laugh at what I prefer not to be called--and the stories that led to that preferences. You can click on the link above to read the first round of such stories. You can read below for the latest round. Or you can choose to stop reading now and go back to work/play/watching Netflix/twiddling your thumbs. I thank you for reading this far.

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Insight From Isaac (And The Windshield De-Icer)

A few weeks ago, I forgot to take my pepper spray on a walk with Isaac the dog. Much to his embarrassment, and my ease of mind, I found a can of windshield de-icer to carry instead. I'm happy to say that I did not have to use it. I'm even happier to say that the outing led to an insight about New Year's Rituals. 

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