The Radical Recklessness of God's Love

There is no shortage of songs about God's love in hymnody, praise and worship, and gospel music. Over the past year, one in particular has made its way to the top of the Christian charts and to the center of song sets at contemporary worship services.  "Reckless Love," written and originally recorded by Cory Asbury, comes from Bethel Music in Redding, California.

How wonderful it would be if we could stop there in celebration of people experiencing God's love through diversity of music. Yet all these years after the apostle John wrote his "love of God" letters, disharmony still plagues the Church from within.

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What We Used to Memorize

This week I was on the phone with a parishioner and asked if she would share her daughter's phone number with me. She said, "Sure, hold on." Background noise increased, signaling that I was on speaker phone, and she was scrolling through the contacts on her phone. 

She laughed and said, "I can't believe I don't know her number. I used to have all important numbers memorized, and now... well, I have to look them up on my phone."

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Risking Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday makes me nervous.

It's not the ashes themselves that make me uneasy. It's not trying to form the perfect paste of dirt and oil that makes my heart race. It's not the the whispered comments about Lent being "too Catholic" for United Methodists that make me squirm.

What makes me nervous about Ash Wednesday are the vessels holding the muddy mix: pottery made from earth's clay and shaped into masterpieces.

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