The Gospel According to Joel McHale

When I was a seminary student, a TV show about TV shows kept me balanced.

The Soup was a weekly show on the E! network that recapped some of television's most ridiculous, cringe-inducing, and hilarious moments. From reality TV to game shows to soap operas, nothing was safe from the watchful eye of The Soup's writers. I looked forward to my pre-DVR, pre-streaming days of sitting down each weekend to watch The Soup

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What We Used to Memorize

This week I was on the phone with a parishioner and asked if she would share her daughter's phone number with me. She said, "Sure, hold on." Background noise increased, signaling that I was on speaker phone, and she was scrolling through the contacts on her phone. 

She laughed and said, "I can't believe I don't know her number. I used to have all important numbers memorized, and now... well, I have to look them up on my phone."

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The Gospel According to the Pearsons: "This Is Us"

This Is Us tells a really good story.

And a good story,  founded in love and meaning, makes you feel not like an observer but like part of "us"--part of a community that draws you outside of yourself. 

A  good story deserves good, focused attention.

A good story brings out the best in us.

 A good story draws us back to the old, old story of Jesus and his love.

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