Christian Yoga Classes

Darian is certified as a Yahweh Yoga Teacher (YYT-100) through Yahweh Yoga in Chandler, Arizona. Visit Yahweh Yoga's website:


About the Classes:

Yahweh Yoga combines the physical benefits of yoga with the inspiration of God's Word. All of my classes begin and end with a Scripture-based meditation. I use Christian, instrumental, and sacred music. I do not use the Sanskrit names for the poses, only their English translations. 

People often ask me if it's okay for Christians to practice yoga, and my answer is a resounding YES. If you are skeptical, or simply new to yoga, these classes are an excellent introduction to a practice that can improve spiritual, emotional, and physical health. See you on the mat!

The current series is Chair Yoga. No mats needed!

  • All Levels Welcome
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Props Provided, Including Chairs




First United Methodist Church

Fellowship Hall

612 E. Broad Street

West Point, MS


Not Currently Meeting June-August 2018


Not Currently Meeting June-August 2018

Retreats: I am available to lead retreats for your group or church. Contact me for pricing and other information.

Private Instruction: I rarely teach privately but would be glad to talk more if you are interested. Please contact me using the form below.

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